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Goodyear compiles report on alternative learning, featured in Inside Higher Ed

Tina Goodyear, COO, Presidents’ Forum recently penned the white paper proposal draft, (CQAL): Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning. The report highlights the need for quality assurance, industry challenges and more. The CQAL white paper was also featured in Inside Higher Ed’s...  [Read More]

Lifang Shih, PhD

Dean, School of Business and Technology Dr. Lifang Shih is the Dean of the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College.  In this role, she ensures the School of Business and Technology offers high quality and career-ready academic programs in business...  [Read More]

Scott Dolan, PhD

Scott Dolan is the Associate Dean for Business for the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College, where he provides academic leadership for all graduate and undergraduate business degree programs.  Prior to taking this position, Dr. Dolan served as the Executive...  [Read More]

The Case for CACE

Sometimes in higher education common sense and doing the right thing for students supersede competition, policies, and politics (SARA may quickly come to mind). An example, the newly-minted Consortium for the Assessment of College Equivalency (CACE), formed officially in 2015, demonstrates how...  [Read More]

Beyond remediation: Using technology to maximize retention and completion

The EvoLLLution (Evo): What is the Diagnostic Assessment and Achievement of College Skills (DAACS)? Jason Bryer (JB): The DAACS is a low-stakes formative assessment designed to give students and academic advisors a sense of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We came to...  [Read More]

Lisa LaVigna

Lisa LaVigna is the executive director of Outreach and Access at Excelsior College, a nonprofit regionally accredited distance learning institution that helps working adults complete a degree or certificate. Lisa has spent over 20 years building strong, mutually rewarding partnerships with both...  [Read More]

Three misconceptions about the separation of instruction and assessment

In a recent article in The EvoLLLution, David Schejbal pointed out some advantages of separating assessment from instruction. The argument, essentially, is that since quality assurance happens as learning is assessed, we can improve consistency by having assessments that don’t depend on...  [Read More]

Competency vs. mastery

“Competency-based” education appears to be this year’s answer to America’s higher education challenges, judging from this week’s news in Washington. Unlike MOOCs (last year’s solution), there is, refreshingly, greater emphasis on the validation of learning. Yet, all may not be as represented....  [Read More]

Tina Goodyear

COO, Presidents’ Forum Tina Goodyear is the COO of the Presidents’ Forum, former executive director of the Center for the Assessment of Post-Traditional Learning at Excelsior College, and the former director of the National College Credit Recommendation Service, a NYS Board of...  [Read More]

Mika Hoffman, PhD.

Executive Director, Test Development Services Dr. Mika Hoffman is the executive director of test development services at Excelsior College. She came to Excelsior from the Department of Defense, where she served as the Dean of the Test Development Division at the Defense...  [Read More]