Alternate reality and simulations put a new spin on learning for the gamer generation

Watching preschoolers play on touchscreen devices makes it clear that the future college students of America are of the connected generation. Unfortunately, I fear today’s teaching methods are ill prepared to embrace... [ read more ]

Excelsior LIVE: Applyrs on Bridging Health and Economic Development

Dorcey Applyrs, DrPH, MPH, faculty program director for Excelsior College, discusses the reciprocal relationship between public health and economic development. Dr. Applyrs will serve as moderator at Excelsior’s upcoming Nyquist Leadership Series... [ read more ]

Higher education’s role in protecting pathways to the middle class

The following is a guest post written by Christopher Gilmore, assistant vice president for extended education at Excelsior College and chief operating officer for Educators Serving Educators (ESE) – A Division of Excelsior... [ read more ]

The Impact of Increased Competition on Completion Colleges

By Tina Goodyear, executive director of the Center for Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training and Learning (CAPITAL) at Excelsior College In a competitive market such as higher education, it is unusual to... [ read more ]

Are we our own worst enemy?

Anyone who has a vested interest in cybersecurity recognizes that cyber attacks on our digital systems are increasing…not just in numbers, but in sophistication as well. We would do well to direct... [ read more ]

Talking to Your Doctor: Never Too Much Information

Gary McClain, PhD, is a therapist, patient advocate, and writer who specializes in helping clients—as well as their family members and professional caregivers—deal with the emotional impact of chronic and life-threatening illnesses.... [ read more ]

Hands Up!

Ransom – We have all seen it in the movies or read about it in the media. A wealthy person has something of value, be it a family member, a favorite dog,... [ read more ]