Distance EDU on Demand: Tom Dalton on FAFSA Simplification

Beyond the iron triangle of cost, quality, and access, the narratives around the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act are focusing squarely on transparency and simplification, in particular around the Federal financial... [ read more ]

How to Make Quantum Reality Our Reality: Looking for a Better Deal

By Deepak Chopra, MD and Ruth E. Kastner, PhD If you ask a scientist to talk about quantum mechanics, it’s predictable that the first thing he or she is likely to say... [ read more ]

Chronic Communication at Home: Unpredictability. Parenting. What You Can Do.

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Cyber attacks on NYSE, United Airlines?

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“Harvard Adopts Chalk”: The Importance of Brand

It has often been noted that institutions of higher education are prone to “follow the leader” behavior, especially when it comes to innovation and the acceptance of new ideas. What the big-name... [ read more ]

Aviation, Cybersecurity, and Critical Infrastructure

The federal government has deemed 16 sectors as critical infrastructure. They are transportation, water, energy, information, healthcare, government facilities, food, financial, nuclear, emergency services, defense, dams, manufacturing, chemical, commercial and communications. Each... [ read more ]

A Transgendered Game 4 Change

The recent hoopla around Olympic Triathlon champion Bruce Jenner’s transition from a male to a female at the age of 66 brings national attention to the difficult realities of living as a... [ read more ]