Game Over: Feedback and the Power of Educational Games

Sara de Freitas is Pro Vice Chancellor at Murdoch University and has been involved in serious games research for almost twenty years. She co-founded the Serious Games Institute which has branches in... [ read more ]

Excelsior LIVE: Dr. Andrew Hurd on cybersecurity workforce development

Dr. Andrew Hurd, faculty program director for cybersecurity at Excelsior College, discusses why so many employers are struggling to both build an educated and adaptable cyber workforce and create an informed cyber... [ read more ]

Excelsior’s NCI works to diversify the cybersecurity pipeline

Dr. Jane LeClair was recently interviewed by Kate Colborn, writer for the Diversity in Action magazine, about cybersecurity and its importance of diversifying the field. “Women and minorities are poorly represented in... [ read more ]

So…Time to Break That Bad Habit?

Excelsior College expert, Dr. Gary McClain, is a therapist, patient advocate, and writer who specializes in helping clients—as well as their family members and professional caregivers—deal with the emotional impact of chronic... [ read more ]

Cybersecurity is looking for a few good women

Dr. Jane LeClair, Chief Operating Officer of Excelsior College’s National Cybersecurity Institute, wrote a blog post for the Cyber Experts Blog about the demand for more women in the cyber professional arena.... [ read more ]

Not quite a “catastrophe”

President John Ebersole penned an article for See Thru Edu explaining higher education challenges and how everyone plays an important role. Over the past few months commentators have appeared on this website... [ read more ]

Quantum physics and the need for a new paradigm

Quantum physics, celebrated for its predictive success, has also become notorious for being an inscrutable mass of paradoxes. One of the founders of the theory, Niels Bohr, stated that “those who are... [ read more ]