Higher education’s role in protecting pathways to the middle class

The following is a guest post written by Christopher Gilmore, assistant vice president for extended education at Excelsior College and chief operating officer for Educators Serving Educators (ESE) – A Division of Excelsior... [ read more ]

The Impact of Increased Competition on Completion Colleges

By Tina Goodyear, executive director of the Center for Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training and Learning (CAPITAL) at Excelsior College In a competitive market such as higher education, it is unusual to... [ read more ]

Are we our own worst enemy?

Anyone who has a vested interest in cybersecurity recognizes that cyber attacks on our digital systems are increasing…not just in numbers, but in sophistication as well. We would do well to direct... [ read more ]

Talking to Your Doctor: Never Too Much Information

Gary McClain, PhD, is a therapist, patient advocate, and writer who specializes in helping clients—as well as their family members and professional caregivers—deal with the emotional impact of chronic and life-threatening illnesses.... [ read more ]

Hands Up!

Ransom – We have all seen it in the movies or read about it in the media. A wealthy person has something of value, be it a family member, a favorite dog,... [ read more ]

Secrets: An online class as alternate reality game (ARG)

This past Fall I taught one of the first ever, if not the very first, 100% online class as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). As a pilot, the course ended a solid... [ read more ]

Career advice: It takes just six seconds…

According to a 2012 report by Ladders.com, a recruiter spends about six seconds reviewing a job applicant resume (Keeping an Eye on Recruiter Behavior, 2012).  As an applicant, you don’t have much... [ read more ]