A Transgendered Game 4 Change

The recent hoopla around Olympic Triathlon champion Bruce Jenner’s transition from a male to a female at the age of 66 brings national attention to the difficult realities of living as a... [ read more ]

A Guide to Small College Survival

When the president of Sweet Briar College, a small women’s liberal arts college in Virginia, recently decided to close the 114 year-old institution, it sent a shockwave through higher education. Commentators have... [ read more ]

Talking to Your Doctor: Do I Need to Make That Appointment?

Get the care you need while avoiding unnecessary doctor visits Jane had what she later described to her friend as an “awkward” meeting with her physician today. And one that left her... [ read more ]

Replace Costly Textbooks with the Newly-Expanded Excelsior College OWL

The Excelsior College OWL (online writing lab) is a free online resource designed to help students with writing—in a warm, engaging, media-rich environment. At eLearning 2015, ITC presented OWL with the ITC... [ read more ]

Revolutionary Learning

In May 2014, Excelsior College launched the Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning. In this Distance EDU on Demand interview, Dr. David Seelow, co-founder of the center, reflects on the Center’s first... [ read more ]

Higher Education Accountability

A recent New York Times op-ed, “How to hold colleges accountable,” lists a number of problems with contemporary higher education and offers the solution of greater accountability. While I commend the authors,... [ read more ]

Watch: Tech Giants Give Obama Cold Shoulder

... [ read more ]