College accreditors in no-win situation

In this morning’s piece “No Love, but No Alternative” on Inside Higher Ed, Doug Lederman explores the seemingly conflicting mandate placed on accrediting bodies and the challenges of creating an alternative to... [ read more ]

Using Games and Simulations to Engage Federal Workforce

Excelsior College, a non-profit institution founded in 1971, has long been a leader in serving what it calls the “post-traditional learner.” These are typically working adults who seek education and training that... [ read more ]

Newswire Hacking in Focus

In the past decade the cybersecurity community has seen hackers progress steadily from breaching big box stores and the media industry to sensitive government files and even the White House. Breaches such... [ read more ]

Concerns on Hillary Clinton’s New College Compact

Hillary Clinton’s just announced “New College Compact” sets forth a broad and ambitious agenda that includes much to consider for those of us in higher education. As the likely Democratic nominee, her... [ read more ]

Podcast: Ebersole responds to Republican debate

In response to last night’s National Republican debates, Excelsior College President John Ebersole offered the following statement. Having trouble with media player? Download audio directly. “In last night’s Republican debates, little was... [ read more ]

Five critical aspects of differentiation in the online marketplace

In the ten years between 2002 and 2012, the number of institutions offering online degree programs almost doubled.[1] This adoption continues to expand across institutions, small and large, private and public, not-for... [ read more ]

Podcast: Dr. Robin Berenson on how online college students can find a mentor

Dr. Robin Berenson, associate dean, School of Business and Technology, joins the Distance EDU on Demand podcast to discuss how adults returning to college online can find and connect with a mentor... [ read more ]