Replace Costly Textbooks with the Newly-Expanded Excelsior College OWL

The Excelsior College OWL (online writing lab) is a free online resource designed to help students with writing—in a warm, engaging, media-rich environment. At eLearning 2015, ITC presented OWL with the ITC... [ read more ]

Revolutionary Learning

In May 2014, Excelsior College launched the Center for Game and Simulation-Based Learning. In this Distance EDU on Demand interview, Dr. David Seelow, co-founder of the center, reflects on the Center’s first... [ read more ]

Higher Education Accountability

A recent New York Times op-ed, “How to hold colleges accountable,” lists a number of problems with contemporary higher education and offers the solution of greater accountability. While I commend the authors,... [ read more ]

Watch: Tech Giants Give Obama Cold Shoulder

... [ read more ]

Do You Need Antidepressants?

So, how are you feeling? I’m talking about how you’re feeling emotionally. Are you having days when you just don’t feel like you have the resources to cope with what it takes... [ read more ]

Play, Games, and the Free Spirit: A Note on Randle Patrick McMurphy

I mentioned last week that I would touch upon a film scene featuring none other than Jack Nicholson. Let me take you back to Milos Forman’s memorable academy award winning 1975 film... [ read more ]

Partnerships to Narrow the Skills Gap

The effects of expected Baby Boomer retirements on certain occupations and industries already have created a pressing need for younger front-line workers to fill vacated positions, many of which require relatively high... [ read more ]