Ruth Kastner, PhD.

Ruth E. Kastner, PhD. Faculty Member, School of Liberal Arts

Ruth Kastner, PhD, is a faculty member in the School of Liberal Arts at Excelsior College. She is the author of The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics; The Reality of Possibility (Cambridge University Press).


  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Foundations of Physics


  • Doctor of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Maryland, College Park, August, 1999
  • Master of Science, Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, May, 1992
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics (cum laude with high honors in physics), University of Maryland, May, College Park, 1982
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, May, 1979

Awards and Recognitions

  • National Science Foundation Grant 01-159 , Science and Technology Studies Program, award no. SES-0323201.
  • National Science Foundation Grant 97-142, Science and Technology Studies Program, award no. SES-0115185.

Selected Presentations

  • “The Broken Symmetry of Time,” speaker, AAAS Conference on Retrocausation, June 13-14, 2011.
  • “Retrocausality and Time Symmetry,” workshop presenter, University of Miami, January 12, 2011.
  • “Weak Values and Cramer’s Transactional Interpretation,” speaker, Conference on Time-Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics, July 23-26, 2005.

Selected Publications

Professional Membership and Affiliations

  • Foundations of Physics Group at University of Maryland, College Park
  • jo

    Hello to Ruth Kastner.
    I live in Sweden. I want to personally thank Ruth Kastner for contributing to the Oregon “Right To Know”. This is a grave (literally) issue and the whole world is watching and praying we can protect ourselves from these dangerous and lethal corporations, scientists, lobbyists, political officials etc. who are endangering humanities very existence for the sake of profit. Ruth, your generosity and concern did not go unnoticed. The citizens of the world are grateful.

    • Ruth Kastner

      Thanks very much. I was disappointed to find that many votes were not counted for apparently spurious reasons (such as ‘signature not matching’, which is not even a requirement), and that the vote was certified with those votes illegitimately uncounted. So the results are clearly invalid. Of course industry has nominally ‘prevailed’ in this case due to this vote suppression, but they could only ‘prevail’ through the use of dirty tricks. In the meantime progress is still being made in the fight to defend the planet’s food supply.

  • VoxFox

    Hi Ruth:
    Your name was given to me by my web correspondent (Dr. Mike Epperson). He noticed that my own theories bare quite a resemblance to Cramer’s TI theory & your book.
    I just went back and confirmed that I referenced Cramer’s theory first in 2007. Cramer’s ideas have become key to my major revision of philosophy based on my Temporal Metaphysics, which drives my current research (I am revisiting physics since Isaac Newton and have a new theory of QM that is based 100% on finite mathematics and a realistic view of time and a purely particle viewpoint (zero field theory & NO waves).