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Chronic communication at home

“We had the whole day planned,” my client said to me. “Pancakes followed by a trip to our local swimming pool. And then I woke up that morning knowing those plans were going to have to change. Starting with making those pancakes....  [Read More]

Talking to your doctor: do I need to make that appointment?

Get the care you need while avoiding unnecessary doctor visits Jane had what she later described to her friend as an “awkward” meeting with her physician today. And one that left her thinking about how to make the best use of her...  [Read More]

Do you need antidepressants?

So, how are you feeling? I’m talking about how you’re feeling emotionally. Are you having days when you just don’t feel like you have the resources to cope with what it takes to live with your diagnosis? Feeling a little depressed, or...  [Read More]

Holiday time! What are you saying “yes!” to?

The holidays are upon us. And that means lots of articles and blogs about how to “survive” this time of the year. Survive? Really? Is that what the holidays are about? It seems to me that so many articles about the holiday...  [Read More]

Seven steps to help make a bad day better

You felt it as soon as you woke up in the morning: A bad day ahead. Or, another bad day. If you are living with a chronic condition, a bad day can mean not feeling all that great, having to take it...  [Read More]

11 ways to make your life after 50 a great one

As a friend once said to me: If you’re going to live, you’re going to get older. It kind of comes down to that, right? Time marches on, as they say. Getting older means all kinds of things, some good and some,...  [Read More]