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Resilience: The One ‘Secret’ All Successful Students Know

There have been plenty of newspaper columns, courses, and self-help books, which promise to deliver that elusive ‘secret of success’, but psychologists tend to agree that, among other things, the key to success for individuals, managers, entrepreneurs, or students, often resides in...  [Read More]

The Politics of Sexual Assault

Michele Paludi of Excelsior College in New York state, who has written widely about sexual harassment, says that “moments like this can change a culture.” She points to Anita Hill’s testimony in Senate confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court nominee,...  [Read More]

Do you need antidepressants?

So, how are you feeling? I’m talking about how you’re feeling emotionally. Are you having days when you just don’t feel like you have the resources to cope with what it takes to live with your diagnosis? Feeling a little depressed, or...  [Read More]

Deborah Golden Alecson on death, dying, and society

Thanatologist, author, and Excelsior College adjunct faculty member Deborah Golden Alecson joins WAMC’s Alan Chartock for a conversation on an array of issues, including embracing one’s own mortality, society’s treatment of those in grief, and death with dignity. Listen to the complete...  [Read More]

Seven steps to help make a bad day better

You felt it as soon as you woke up in the morning: A bad day ahead. Or, another bad day. If you are living with a chronic condition, a bad day can mean not feeling all that great, having to take it...  [Read More]