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Cooperate to Graduate: Supporting Veterans and Serving Military in their Studies

By Scott Dolan, Michael Moran, and William Trevor Veterans Day always gives us pause to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of our military.  And here at Excelsior College, we take great pride in having the honor to educate so many of...  [Read More]

Where have all the soldiers gone?

I recently heard someone ask, “What’s the big deal about being a veteran? Why are we giving these guys so much attention?” This was quite a contrast to the “thank you for your service” I often hear going through TSA’s airport security...  [Read More]

On becoming a veteran

The road to veteran status is long, narrow, bumpy and filled with unexpected twists and turns. It starts for most with an enlistment of three to four years in one of the armed services. It is here that the road narrows. Only...  [Read More]