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Dr. Ted Lehmann and the Geopolitics of Energy

Dr. Timothy (Ted) Lehmann, the faculty director for the Social Sciences in the School of Liberal Arts, recently published a book on the international politics of energy: The Geopolitics of Global Energy: The New Cost of Plenty. The book features research from...  [Read More]

Carl Beekman, PhD.

Faculty Member, School of Liberal Arts Dr. Beekman joined Excelsior in 2013, having taught at a number of institutions at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorial level throughout his career on a range of topics, including sociology, cultural diversity, action research, change negotiation...  [Read More]

Jennifer Lemak, PhD.

Faculty Member, School of Liberal Arts Dr. Jennifer Lemak is the chief curator of history at the New York State Museum. She earned her MA in Public History and PhD in History from the University at Albany. She is the author of...  [Read More]

Don Kirk Macon, PhD.

Faculty Member, School of Liberal Arts Dr. Macon has taught for Excelsior College, both online and in face-to-face formats at the Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas, since 2011. He lives in the desert Southwest and is active in his community....  [Read More]

Mary Berkery, PhD.

Faculty Program Director, History, School of Liberal Arts Dr. Berkery joined Excelsior College as the faculty program director for history in June 2014. Before coming to Excelsior, she taught American history for Binghamton University and Southern New Hampshire University, including courses on...  [Read More]

Ruth Kastner, PhD.

Faculty Member, School of Liberal Arts Ruth Kastner, PhD, is a faculty member in the School of Liberal Arts at Excelsior College. She is the author of The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics; The Reality of Possibility (Cambridge University Press). Expertise...  [Read More]