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Excelsior’s MBA is Top of the Class!

Good news for our many graduate students in the School of Business and Technology: The Excelsior MBA has been announced as the top-ranked program in the Capital Region. The ranking was announced by the Albany Business Review, and is determined by the...  [Read More]

Cooperate to Graduate: Supporting Veterans and Serving Military in their Studies

By Scott Dolan, Michael Moran, and William Trevor Veterans Day always gives us pause to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of our military.  And here at Excelsior College, we take great pride in having the honor to educate so many of...  [Read More]

The Politics of Sexual Assault

Michele Paludi of Excelsior College in New York state, who has written widely about sexual harassment, says that “moments like this can change a culture.” She points to Anita Hill’s testimony in Senate confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court nominee,...  [Read More]

Community Stewardship: Leveraging distance educators to solve global community challenges

Experts from Excelsior College discuss the endless opportunities for faculty and students to come together to address global issues thanks to distance learning. By By Laurie Carbo-Porter, PhD, RN, CNE; and Dorcey L. Applyrs, DrPH, MPH Leadership at institutions of higher education...  [Read More]

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Why Do So Few People Actively Participate Upon Social Media?

Whether it’s that old friend on Facebook from your school days, or that ex-colleague on LinkedIn from way back, some people seem to hog your social media timeline with memes, sayings, and photos from yesteryear.  And with social media platforms, such as...  [Read More]

Surviving Freshman Year: 5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Child for the First Year of College

It’s about that time—back to school time—and if you’re a parent of a child who is either going off to college or staying home for college, you may be wondering what you can do to help with your child’s success. After all,...  [Read More]

Don’t Spare the Tears: Emotion in Marketing

We all have emotions in differing degrees – they are relatively strong and uncontrolled feelings that affect our behavior, so it is no wonder that it plays such a powerful part in today’s advertising. Whether it is the awaited homecoming of an...  [Read More]

Catching On: What Makes Something Spread and Go Viral on Social Media?

Will Trevor is the Faculty Program Director for Marketing at Excelsior College. The original post can be viewed on LinkedIn. During a weekend in which I accepted a challenge on Facebook from a former work colleague to do push ups as part...  [Read More]

The Price is Right: How Marketing Uses the Power of Relativity to Set Prices

Will Trevor is the Faculty Program Director for Marketing at Excelsior College. The original post can be viewed on LinkedIn. Conventional economic theory tells us that prices reach a level where demand and supply are in balance – what economists call, an equilibrium.  In...  [Read More]

The Future of Continuing Education

This article was originally seen on evoLLLution and written by John Ebersole. There are significant opportunities for continuing education to serve adults looking to invest in their own personal and professional development as the labor market becomes increasingly competitive and knowledge-based. Three...  [Read More]