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Digital Badges: The Future of Credentials in the Digital Age

Mike is one of my oldest and closest friends. He is a successful web developer with a nearly 15-year career developing content management systems and web pages for major national accounts. He is creative, technically savvy, easy to work with, and a...  [Read More]

Goodyear compiles report on alternative learning, featured in Inside Higher Ed

Tina Goodyear, COO, Presidents’ Forum recently penned the white paper proposal draft, (CQAL): Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning. The report highlights the need for quality assurance, industry challenges and more. The CQAL white paper was also featured in Inside Higher Ed’s...  [Read More]

Resilience: The One ‘Secret’ All Successful Students Know

There have been plenty of newspaper columns, courses, and self-help books, which promise to deliver that elusive ‘secret of success’, but psychologists tend to agree that, among other things, the key to success for individuals, managers, entrepreneurs, or students, often resides in...  [Read More]

Scott Dolan, PhD

Scott Dolan is the Associate Dean for Business for the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College, where he provides academic leadership for all graduate and undergraduate business degree programs.  Prior to taking this position, Dr. Dolan served as the Executive...  [Read More]

The Agile Mindset: ‘Doing’ Agile in Higher Education (Part 2)

Will Trevor is the Faculty Program Director for Marketing at Excelsior College. The original post can be viewed on LinkedIn.   In my previous article, The Agile Mindset: ‘Being’ Agile in Higher Education (Part 1), I looked at the agile mindset as a...  [Read More]

The Agile Mindset: ‘Being’ Agile in Higher Education (Part 1)

Will Trevor is the Faculty Program Director for Marketing at Excelsior College. The original post can be viewed on LinkedIn. ‘Agile’ is one of those buzzwords that seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. And while it is currently a...  [Read More]

Excelsior LIVE: Tina Goodyear on “The Case for CACE”

Tina Goodyear, COO of the Presidents’ Forum, joins Excelsior Live to discuss the new Consortium for the Assessment of College Equivalency, which brings together six institutions with expertise in Prior Learning Assessment and allows them to collaborate, pool their resources, and set...  [Read More]

Francesco Crocco, PhD.

Director, Online Writing Lab (OWL) Dr. Crocco currently serves as the director of the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for Excelsior College. He is developing a new online reading lab as well as collaborating with the Grants Office to pursue funding for research...  [Read More]

Higher education’s role in protecting pathways to the middle class

The following is a guest post written by Christopher Gilmore, assistant vice president for extended education at Excelsior College and chief operating officer for Educators Serving Educators (ESE) – A Division of Excelsior College. Through ESE, Christopher consults with other institutions on how...  [Read More]

The Impact of Increased Competition on Completion Colleges

By Tina Goodyear, executive director of the Center for Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training and Learning (CAPITAL) at Excelsior College In a competitive market such as higher education, it is unusual to take the stance that collaboration and sharing are the right...  [Read More]