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Cybersecurity: What are the Challenges?

Kevin Newmeyer teaches Cybersecurity in National Security   “If something has value – economic, military, political – then it has national security implications.  The greater the value, the higher the risk.” Associate Dean Dr. David J. Hennessy Since its somewhat clouded emergence...  [Read More]

Are we our own worst enemy?

Anyone who has a vested interest in cybersecurity recognizes that cyber attacks on our digital systems are increasing…not just in numbers, but in sophistication as well. We would do well to direct our efforts at defending our systems from outsider attacks, but...  [Read More]

Hands Up!

Ransom – We have all seen it in the movies or read about it in the media. A wealthy person has something of value, be it a family member, a favorite dog, or piece of art that someone steals and then demands...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity, by order of the president

Today President Obama signed an Executive Order that seeks to modernize the digital system in the federal government and increase cybersecurity. The order lays the groundwork for establishing a federal privacy council within the government that will oversee the protection of the...  [Read More]

Excelsior LIVE: Dr. Andrew Hurd on cybersecurity workforce development

Dr. Andrew Hurd, faculty program director for cybersecurity at Excelsior College, discusses why so many employers are struggling to both build an educated and adaptable cyber workforce and create an informed cyber culture. More information: Nyquist Leadership Series (Feb 23, 12 pm):...  [Read More]

Excelsior’s NCI works to diversify the cybersecurity pipeline

Dr. Jane LeClair was recently interviewed by Kate Colborn, writer for the Diversity in Action magazine, about cybersecurity and its importance of diversifying the field. “Women and minorities are poorly represented in STEM and the cybersecurity field. While women make up about...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity is looking for a few good women

Dr. Jane LeClair, Chief Operating Officer of Excelsior College’s National Cybersecurity Institute, wrote a blog post for the Cyber Experts Blog about the demand for more women in the cyber professional arena. Are you a woman looking for a job? As of...  [Read More]

Protecting student data: A cybersecurity challenge

Institutions of higher education are faced with a troubling paradox. One the one hand their digital systems need to be open and easily accessible to countless users around the globe, and conversely, they need to carefully guard the sensitive information that is...  [Read More]

Colleges shouldn’t become training facilities, warns Dr. Jane LeClair

Academic institutions are under a lot of pressure to churn out as many cybersecurity graduates as possible who have skills they need to get to work right away and get us out of the skills crisis we’re in. According to Dr. Jane...  [Read More]

Watch: Major cybersecurity bill is on its way to becoming law

Dr. Jane LeClair appears on Al Jazeera America (1:49) to discuss new federal legislation intended to boost public-private information sharing, but which has privacy advocates concerned....  [Read More]