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Turkey and Career Development with a Side of Stuffing, Please!

Good gravy! Why are we connecting Thanksgiving and Career Development? Well, they are both special occasions celebrated in November. In fact, all of November is National Career Development Month. Another important similarity regarding these celebrations is the perfect opportunity each offers to...  [Read More]

Career advice: It takes just six seconds…

According to a 2012 report by, a recruiter spends about six seconds reviewing a job applicant resume (Keeping an Eye on Recruiter Behavior, 2012).  As an applicant, you don’t have much time to grab their attention.  Writing a killer resume can...  [Read More]

Partnerships to narrow the skills gap

The effects of expected Baby Boomer retirements on certain occupations and industries already have created a pressing need for younger front-line workers to fill vacated positions, many of which require relatively high levels of knowledge and skill. In efforts to combat these...  [Read More]