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Work/Life Balance: A Five-Step Approach to Achieving It Your Way

Gary McClain, PhD, is a faculty member in the School of Health Sciences and therapist who specializes in helping clients deal with the emotional impact of chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The term “work/life balance” gets tossed around a lot. I use it...  [Read More]

Gender Bias in Management: An Interview with Dr. Ethne Swartz

On May 18, 2017, The School of Business and Technology, in collaboration with the President’s Committee on Inclusion (PCI), welcomed Dr. Ethne Swartz to Excelsior College.  Dr. Swartz gave a colloquium entitled: “Making it through the labyrinth:  Gender bias in management.”  Dr....  [Read More]

Dr. Michael Johnson Gains Prestigious Nuclear Industry Appointments

Dr. Michael Johnson, Interim Associate Dean, Technology, and Faculty Program Director, Energy Management, has received two prestigious appointments within the nuclear industry. Dr. Johnson has had a long and distinguished career in the nuclear industry – from his early days in the...  [Read More]

Of OWLs and Students: Making the Most of the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab

The semester is winding down and your term paper is due in less than a week, but you have no idea how to write one! Sound familiar? No problem. Excelsior College offers a nationally-acclaimed, free resource for support with academic writing. It’s...  [Read More]

Scaling the Ivory Tower: Does academic research matter in the world of business?

I was recently discussing with colleagues why academic skills are not always considered as relevant to the world of business, but with so many organizations investing billions of dollars in high-risk projects, the need for clear and thorough research has never been...  [Read More]

Excelsior Scholarship: An interview with Dr. Herbert Sherman

John Coy, Faculty Program Director for Logistics & Operations Management at Excelsior College, interviews Dr. Herbert Sherman, co-author with Charlette McClendon, of an article about the online market platform Amazon and their future strategy for global growth,  for the Journal of Business...  [Read More]

Excelsior Scholarship: An interview with Dr. Jan Tucker

Will Trevor, Faculty Program Director for Marketing and a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Business and Technology at Excelsior College, interviews Dr. Jan Tucker, co-author with Dr. Bari Courts and Angela Au, of an article on leadership and...  [Read More]

Goodyear compiles report on alternative learning, featured in Inside Higher Ed

Tina Goodyear, COO, Presidents’ Forum recently penned the white paper proposal draft, (CQAL): Collaborative for Quality in Alternative Learning. The report highlights the need for quality assurance, industry challenges and more. The CQAL white paper was also featured in Inside Higher Ed’s...  [Read More]

Career Readiness: Equipping Students for the Workplace of Today and Tomorrow

The first reaction when most of us hear the term, ‘career readiness’, is often to associate it with strong technical skills, such as computer programming or digital marketing.  And while technical skills are vital, they alone are insufficient for success in the...  [Read More]

Resilience: The One ‘Secret’ All Successful Students Know

There have been plenty of newspaper columns, courses, and self-help books, which promise to deliver that elusive ‘secret of success’, but psychologists tend to agree that, among other things, the key to success for individuals, managers, entrepreneurs, or students, often resides in...  [Read More]