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How to make quantum reality our reality: Looking for a better deal

By Deepak Chopra, MD and Ruth E. Kastner, PhD If you ask a scientist to talk about quantum mechanics, it’s predictable that the first thing he or she is likely to say is that this is the most successful theory in the...  [Read More]

Chronic communication at home

“We had the whole day planned,” my client said to me. “Pancakes followed by a trip to our local swimming pool. And then I woke up that morning knowing those plans were going to have to change. Starting with making those pancakes....  [Read More]

Cyber attacks on NYSE, United Airlines?

Updated (1:37 pm) Planes are grounded! The Stock Market is closed! The Sky is falling!! With all the recent cyber attacks and computer glitches that seem to occur without hindrance, the news that United Airlines suspended flights today came as no great...  [Read More]

“Harvard adopts chalk”: the importance of brand

It has often been noted that institutions of higher education are prone to “follow the leader” behavior, especially when it comes to innovation and the acceptance of new ideas. What the big-name institutions say, adopt and do is seen as providing a...  [Read More]

Aviation, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure

The federal government has deemed 16 sectors as critical infrastructure. They are transportation, water, energy, information, healthcare, government facilities, food, financial, nuclear, emergency services, defense, dams, manufacturing, chemical, commercial and communications. Each in its own way is important and together we depend...  [Read More]

A guide to small college survival

When the president of Sweet Briar College, a small women’s liberal arts college in Virginia, recently decided to close the 114 year-old institution, it sent a shockwave through higher education. Commentators have attributed this action to a variety of factors, including the...  [Read More]

Talking to your doctor: do I need to make that appointment?

Get the care you need while avoiding unnecessary doctor visits Jane had what she later described to her friend as an “awkward” meeting with her physician today. And one that left her thinking about how to make the best use of her...  [Read More]

Replace costly textbooks with the newly-expanded Excelsior College OWL

The Excelsior College OWL (online writing lab) is a free online resource designed to help students with writing—in a warm, engaging, media-rich environment. At eLearning 2015, ITC presented OWL with the ITC 2015 award for Outstanding New Technology or Delivery System, and...  [Read More]

Higher education accountability

A recent New York Times op-ed, “How to hold colleges accountable,” lists a number of problems with contemporary higher education and offers the solution of greater accountability. While I commend the authors, Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler of the Washington think tank...  [Read More]

Watch: tech giants give Obama cold shoulder

...  [Read More]