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Watch: ‘D.C. College Application Week’

...  [Read More]

Watch: Major cybersecurity bill is on its way to becoming law

Dr. Jane LeClair appears on Al Jazeera America (1:49) to discuss new federal legislation intended to boost public-private information sharing, but which has privacy advocates concerned....  [Read More]

Beyond remediation: Using technology to maximize retention and completion

The EvoLLLution (Evo): What is the Diagnostic Assessment and Achievement of College Skills (DAACS)? Jason Bryer (JB): The DAACS is a low-stakes formative assessment designed to give students and academic advisors a sense of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We came to...  [Read More]

Cost of education: The untold story

A substantial amount of attention has been focused on student debt this fall, especially by President Obama and each of the frontrunners for the Democratic ticket. In their view, debt is due primarily to the rising cost of a degree, a byproduct...  [Read More]

The nationalization of American education

We usually think of education, at all levels, as a state responsibility. Yet, there is nothing in our constitution that makes this explicit. A result has been growing involvement by the federal government, at both the K-12 and tertiary levels. An example...  [Read More]

Online program management providers, now a billion-dollar industry, look ahead

Chris Montagnino, vice president of extended education at Excelsior College and CEO of Educators Serving Educators, offered insight on the rapidly growing online program management market in the following “Market enabled” piece on Inside Higher Ed. Enabling International, Adult Students Working adults...  [Read More]

College accreditors in no-win situation

In this morning’s piece “No Love, but No Alternative” on Inside Higher Ed, Doug Lederman explores the seemingly conflicting mandate placed on accrediting bodies and the challenges of creating an alternative to replace the current system.  In response, Excelsior College President John...  [Read More]

Using games and simulations to engage Federal workforce

Excelsior College, a non-profit institution founded in 1971, has long been a leader in serving what it calls the “post-traditional learner.” These are typically working adults who seek education and training that can fit their professional and personal obligations. This population’s unique...  [Read More]

Newswire hacking in focus

In the past decade the cybersecurity community has seen hackers progress steadily from breaching big box stores and the media industry to sensitive government files and even the White House. Breaches such as Target and Home Depot became so commonplace that new...  [Read More]

Five critical aspects of differentiation in the online marketplace

In the ten years between 2002 and 2012, the number of institutions offering online degree programs almost doubled.[1] This adoption continues to expand across institutions, small and large, private and public, not-for and for-profit. Prospective online students have a seemingly endless list...  [Read More]