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The Politics of Sexual Assault

Michele Paludi of Excelsior College in New York state, who has written widely about sexual harassment, says that “moments like this can change a culture.” She points to Anita Hill’s testimony in Senate confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court nominee,...  [Read More]

Community Stewardship: Leveraging distance educators to solve global community challenges

Experts from Excelsior College discuss the endless opportunities for faculty and students to come together to address global issues thanks to distance learning. By By Laurie Carbo-Porter, PhD, RN, CNE; and Dorcey L. Applyrs, DrPH, MPH Leadership at institutions of higher education...  [Read More]

The Ever-Changing CIO Job Description

That increased focus on security is something Wayne Brown has picked up on as well. The vice president and CIO at Excelsior College (NY) and founder of the Center for Higher Education Chief Information Officer Studies (CHECS), Brown has surveyed CIOs about...  [Read More]

Excelsior LIVE: Tina Goodyear on “The Case for CACE”

Tina Goodyear, COO of the Presidents’ Forum, joins Excelsior Live to discuss the new Consortium for the Assessment of College Equivalency, which brings together six institutions with expertise in Prior Learning Assessment and allows them to collaborate, pool their resources, and set...  [Read More]

The Case for CACE

Sometimes in higher education common sense and doing the right thing for students supersede competition, policies, and politics (SARA may quickly come to mind). An example, the newly-minted Consortium for the Assessment of College Equivalency (CACE), formed officially in 2015, demonstrates how...  [Read More]

Career advice: It takes just six seconds…

According to a 2012 report by, a recruiter spends about six seconds reviewing a job applicant resume (Keeping an Eye on Recruiter Behavior, 2012).  As an applicant, you don’t have much time to grab their attention.  Writing a killer resume can...  [Read More]

Cybersecurity, by order of the president

Today President Obama signed an Executive Order that seeks to modernize the digital system in the federal government and increase cybersecurity. The order lays the groundwork for establishing a federal privacy council within the government that will oversee the protection of the...  [Read More]

Excelsior LIVE: Dr. Andrew Hurd on cybersecurity workforce development

Dr. Andrew Hurd, faculty program director for cybersecurity at Excelsior College, discusses why so many employers are struggling to both build an educated and adaptable cyber workforce and create an informed cyber culture. More information: Nyquist Leadership Series (Feb 23, 12 pm):...  [Read More]

Quantum physics and the need for a new paradigm

Quantum physics, celebrated for its predictive success, has also become notorious for being an inscrutable mass of paradoxes. One of the founders of the theory, Niels Bohr, stated that “those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot...  [Read More]

Open letter to incoming Secretary of Education John King Jr.

Mr. Secretary: I offer my congratulations on your appointment to Secretary of Education. As the president of an independent, non-profit college, I welcome the prospect of a fellow educator leading the department during such a decisive time in our nation’s history. Thanks...  [Read More]