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Who Are Our Exam Takers?

Excelsior College partners with students to provide a personalized pathway to earning a college degree, giving them  greater control, value, and flexibility in completing degree requirements. One of the most flexible ways to earn credit is through our UExcel exams and Excelsior...  [Read More]

Turkey and Career Development with a Side of Stuffing, Please!

Good gravy! Why are we connecting Thanksgiving and Career Development? Well, they are both special occasions celebrated in November. In fact, all of November is National Career Development Month. Another important similarity regarding these celebrations is the perfect opportunity each offers to...  [Read More]

Tomorrow’s World: Challenge, Change, and Career Readiness in Logistics

In this series of articles titled “Tomorrow’s World,” members of the Excelsior College faculty reflect on the changes taking place in their field and consider how those changes might impact someone planning a career in that discipline. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely...  [Read More]

Could New York’s Capital Region Become Amazon HQ2?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of my employer. By now, most have heard Amazon has been seeking a second headquarters location (Amazon HQ2), and many states have gone to great strides to court...  [Read More]